Monday, October 26, 2009

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Black Star Rising
Seven Strategies to Ensure Your Blog Is Worth the Effort
1. Write posts to encourage discussion.
2. Network on other photography blogs.
3. Integrate your blog with social networks.
4. Tie your online and offline marketing efforts.
5. Don’t shy away from posting video.
6. Apply your creativity to the medium.
7. Promote yourself (just not shamelessly).

Dane Sanders
Dane's Speaking Calendar

Ken Rockwell
Nikon 28mm f/1.4 AF-D
The world's finest, fastest 28mm SLR lens was Nikon's 28mm f/1.4 AF-D made from 1994 - 2008. Nikon has never made anything similar before or after; this lens' performance is beyond anything else from Nikon, and allows me to shoot hand-held in moonlight on a D3. Adorama has one in stock, used, at what looks like a good deal less than they sell for over eBay, where they used to run at around $4,000 last I looked into it.

Mike Larson
Catalina photo trip

Photo of the Day

Pre-Visualization Exercises
I’ve talked here before about pre-visualization. But for some of you, my discussion has been too ethereal. You want some concrete steps you can take to improve your pre-visualization skills. In order to effectively pre-visualize, there are some things you can do to prepare.

a. Go somewhere quiet.
b. Relax and get comfortable
c. Turn off the phone, TV, radio, iPod and your computer
d. Bring a pen and paper – yes – pen and paper – it works better than a laptop
e. Close your eyes and concentrate on creating a blank page

Now you are ready to start painting a picture in your mind’s eye. Here’s your first exercise…(more)

Photo Book Review – Nikon DSLR: The Ultimate Photographer’s Guide
Nikon DSLR: The Ultimate Photographer’s Guide presents a general overview of the current line of Nikon DSLRs. Chapters include basic information on exposure, digital feature selection, descriptions of the usual controls on a Nikon DSLR, descriptions of a few of the current models of camera bodies and lenses, discussion of flash photography, and an overview of Nikon’s proprietary image processing software, Nikon Capture NX 2. Profiles of some successful Nikon camera users are also included.

Photojojo Newsletter
How to Make Picture-Perfect Pads of Paper

Style Me Pretty
Inspiration Board for Brides

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