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Summary on "10 QUICK and EASY Ways to Improve Your Photography Business". The rest of this information is posted on our Training Site.

1. Read Dane Sanders book, "Fast Track Photographer". It's $25 and can literally save your photography career from going down the wrong path.

2. Promote and Network! Tag, you're it. It's up to you to promote your photography. Shout it from the top of the world and let everyone else decide if they like your work. Share Facebook pages and "Suggest to Friends". Comment on blogs. Post your images. Tell your friends and family.

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POSE IDEAS (Fred Marcus)

Four Steps to Determine Your Rate as a Contract Photographer
As media organizations continue to trim staff positions, they are hiring contractors to do more of their photography work. For laid-off staff photographers, this presents an opportunity — if you know how much to charge for your services.

Dane's Speaking Calendar

Update: I added a rollover example to How to Use Grad Filters. Of course I shot it on a rangefinder camera, which work great with grads and polarizers.

Canon S90
I got to play with a production Canon S90 a bit while in Yosemite last week. Goodness, it's high ISO noise seems the same as the full-frame LEICA M9
Is the Nikon D800 the coming 24MP D700x that's due any day now?

Yosemite and the Eastern Sierra
Whoo hoo! I just got back from over a week of shooting.

Pictage Partner Con!
Next week! I'll be speaking & leading a shooting workshop at the Pictage Partner Conference in New Orleans! For those of you who are going who did not make it into the class, I'll be doing a another workshop in San Luis Obispo, CA from 12/1 - 12/3/2009. I'm super stoked for this workshop, its been almost 3 months since I've spoken, its been a busy shooting season!

Photo of the Day

ReFrame Conference Wrap Up
I attended the ReFrame conference in San Francisco last week. I had some medical stuff that kept me from making the trip to New York for Photo East, so that freed up a few days to go to the Bay Area to learn more about convergence. It seems that I could have also done that in New York. Based on reports I got from friends at the show, this year’s Photo East was all abuzz over hybrid video/DSLR cameras. ReFrame was focused on the wedding video business.

Five Tips For Creating Long Lasting Relationships With Photo Buyers
If you’re selling your photography to brides, families, schools, editors or collectors, etc., you have to think about building relationships. Often, the photographer who gets the sale DOES NOT have the best picture, they have the best relationship with the photo buyer. Here are some tips for improving your relationships with clients. A great deal of this is common sense.

1. Listen. Your clients will give you a wealth of information, if you listen that is. Too many marketers approach selling situations with a script. They have a prepared pitch that overtakes the client’s needs. Sometimes the simplest product pitch is “What are you looking for?” Let the clients tell you what they need instead of trying to sell them what they might not want.

2. Be open, transparent, genuine, authentic, gracious and helpful. People will want to buy your photos over and over if you can do that.

3. Put the client first. That’s it. Just really, really try to put their needs above your own. This may cost you a short term sale, but will almost always lead to long-term business. This may mean saying something like, “I’m not the right photographer for that job, but let me put you in touch with the person who is.” It takes guts to do this and it pays off in spades when you can muster the courage to do it.

4. Do things that positively impact the people in the community where your buyers interact. Be seen as someone who is a helpful resource for people in that community. Be the person that your community turns to in time of need. The visibility this offers makes people want to trust you.

5. Follow through on every promise you make to your clients, no matter how small. This is critical to building relationships. If you say you’ll call them back with a price tomorrow before 4:00 PM, do it. Nothing is more important. In fact, follow through in a way that leaves no doubt you’re committed to the relationship. Under-promise and over-deliver. This leads to long-term business for any photographer.

How to Make Picture-Perfect Pads of Paper

Inspiration Board for Brides

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